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January 2024 - 250g Valve recyclable standup Pouches for Coffee Roasters - 200 pouches minimum per sku
february 2024 - 250g recyclable pouches for all products - 200 pouches minimum per sku
 march 2024 - 500g Valve recyclable gusset Pouch for Coffee Roasters
who are we? the story of the eco pouch club

Small brands, that want to grow, understand the need to present their products in professional looking sustainable packaging. However, it’s often difficult to move away from plain pouches with customised stickers, to full colour professionally printed pouches. With design costs and high MOQs, the initial investment required is not cheap.

PouchSmart recognise this problem and we have solved it by creating the eco Pouch Club.

As a free member you can now order as few as 200 recyclable pouches. And, for only 99€ we will design your first pouch and provide you with a 3D image of it before printing.

how the eco pouch club works

Our way of working is very different to traditional printers. Rather than print each job individually, we combine multiple jobs into a single print-run. As all the jobs are printed together, each must use the same pouch but, each job has a unique design.

Each month, we schedule multiple print-runs (we call them slots). These slots will be for different types of pouches such as valve, gusset or spout. To be a part of a slot, members need to order a minimum of 200 pouches. This is our Standard Service.

Members requiring 2000 pouches or more automatically qualify for our Premium Service. This entitles them to their own dedicated slot that can be scheduled to suit their requirements.

VIP Service is available to members wanting to print 5000 pouches or more. As well as their own dedicated slot, VIP Service includes free design and a free 3D image of the pouch before printing. Members who already have artwork for their pouches will receive a 50€ discount on their first VIP Service order.

reserving your print slot

Members requiring less than 2000 pouches (minimum 200) can browse through the list of available print slots and reserve their pouches online. Within one working day, we will be in contact to discuss artwork and answer any questions you may have. If you can’t find a suitable slot, please let us know.

Members who require Premium or VIP Service should contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

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If we're not currently printing the types of pouches you're looking for, or require Premium or VIP Service, let us know below.

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