eco Pouch Club

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We are based in Denmark. Can we still join the eco Pouch Club?

Yes you can. Membership is open to everyone.

What's included in the 99€ introductory offer?

The design of your first full colour pouch and a 3D image of the final pouch (to be used to check everything is OK before printing). And remember, you don't need to pay the fee until your first print job is agreed.

How much does each pouch cost?

This depends on the the type of pouch, the number of colours used in the design, and the quantity of pouches ordered. When you join the eco Pouch Club we will work with you to create your first pouch and provide you with a cost.

Can we start with very small quantites of pouches and build from there?

Yes you can. In fact, you can start with just 200 (yes, two hundred) pouches and, if every goes well, you can order larger quantites later. The more you order in one batch, the lower the price.

Apart from the cost of each pouch, what other costs are there?

There will be a cost for delivering the pouches to you. This will be included in the initial quotation you will receive after joining the eco Pouch Club.

We would like to print a barcode on our pouches. Can you supply us with one?

Unfortunately we are not allowed to do this. You will need to register with the GS1 organisation and purchase your own barcodes. It is not expensive and you can sign up on this website.

Can you tell me more about the 3D image you can produce of the final packaging?

Of course! You will receive a link to a website that contains an image of how your pouches will look once they are printed. You can click and drag on the image to turn the pouch around, to see the rear of the pouch, the bottom and the sides. Basically, it gives you a 360° image of your pouch. You can also zoom in to read any small print there may be on the pouch.

This is the first time we will be printing pouches. Until now, we have been purchasing plain pouches and manually adding our own stickers to them. What are the main advantages of having our pouches printed by the eco Pouch Club?

There are many advantages.  Get in contact to find out how we can help you.